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All the tools you need to make a vehicle shared.


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Connected on all levels.

The GoodMoovs ecosystem retrieves vehicle data from a variety of suppliers. We have integrated the leading carsharing hardware suppliers in Invers and Continental. Besides we are working hard with partners to enable OEM-supported API connections to totally mitigate the necessity for third-party hardware. 

Make any Tesla shared. Without any hardware.

Together with partner Standard Fleet, GoodMoovs is ​developing the world's first sharing app with bluetooth key provisioning by Tesla Inc.

You say what?

  • Make any Tesla shared via the GoodMoovs platform without any hardware

  • Seamless sharing of a fleet, pool or even your private Tesla (f.i. with your family, colleagues or neighbours)

  • Bullet-proof connection anywhere, thanks to bluetooth key-provisioning

  • No relianse on cellular coverage. So it works everywhere (also for parking garages, the outback or even the moon)

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Subscriptions? Prepaid? Endless possibilities.

  • Maximize your businessmodel with your own tailored subscription propositions

  • Customers pay for credits as well as km’s driven

  • Credits account for for reservation time used

  • No strings attached: Prepaid functionalities are a possibility as well

  • Intuitive in-app booking method automatically calculates and deducts costs

  • Maximize revenues by converting your audience to the right subscription model for their mobility

  • Customer journey funnel with data-driven marketing and referral possibilities

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  • Your state-of-the-art e-mobility sharing app & platform with the look and feel of your own brand

  • The lastest GoodMoovs App is totally up to speed with the latest App technologies

  • Reserve, manage, open & close: all functionalities under 1 roof

  • Intuitive UI makes for an efficient and intuitive user experience

  • Multilingual: we understand the world is your audience

  • Low entry fees and quick startup times

  • Redundant hosting and regular updates: your uptime is our priority

White-label possibilities

Open & scalable

  • Go multimodal: add e-cars, e-bikes and more to your fleet

  • MaaS integrations: GoodMoovs is developed with international open market standards in mind (for example: ISO15118, OCPP, OCPI, and TOMP-API)

  • With low starting rates you can gradually expand your carsharing operation over time

  • Already have a platform? We can integrate your existing platform with GoodMoovs for an even more future-proof proposition to your customers


Our experience, your advantage

  • We’ve got over 10 years of experience in the business of shared electric mobility

  • Save time and money by setting up things right first time round with our guiding hand and proven hardwaren and software

  • We’ve learned the best practices of our industry the hard way, so you don’t have to

  • We guide you from initial concept to fully fletched vehicle and mobility provider

V2G + Smart Charging technology

  • Obtain a additional revenue model by utilizing the batteries of your fleets EV’s;

  • By temporarily releasing grid load by charging (and de-charging) the BEV’s on specific times

  • GoodMoovs manages the SOC’s of the total fleet according to reservation data

  • Together with our partner We Drive Solar we can provide implementation of V2G technology

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We share vehicles based on commitments

We believe subscriptions and station based sharing with dedicated charging infrastructure are essential for a sustainable business model.

We exploit shared mobility via our commercial partners as well as with foundations and cooperations. 

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Modularity is king

  • All incidents and traffic violations of your whole fleet at hand in 1 module

  • Automatic handling of all transactions via Moneybird and Mollie financial and payment software

  • Automatic financial settlement from the user to the fleetowner/ carsharing operator

  • A module for corporate cycling incentive is a possibility too in combination with shared e-cars

  • GoodMoovs has been built to connect with other initiatives/ platforms via open standards.

  • We strive to be the one-stop-shop for all e-mobility mobility and energy management needs

Discover all the possibilities with us

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