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Brussels Airport.


Brussels Airport is at the forefront of sustainability with regards to mitigating CO2 emissions within their own operations. Making the internal fleet shareable without physical key handovers is a key example of this. In the years to come GoodMoovs looks to assist Brussels Airport in making their fleet of support vehicles even more sustainable by creating a smart, electric and efficient operation. This all aligns with "Shift 2027", a new vision based on better performance, diversifying its activities and sustainability. 


GoodMoovs provides

Brussels Airport with:

  • GoodMoovs portal & App for fleetmanagement and keyless vehicle sharing

  • Digital support center for internal helpdesk and operations

  • Full integration of bespoke fleet

  • Automized invoicing

  • Strategic cooperation on sustainability, business and platform development

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We utilize GoodMoovs' platform for our internal fleet, increasing efficiency by mitigating any physical key handover and the associated operational hassles that comes with it. Besides is the integrated damage control module a big help to control and manage the fleet.


GoodMoovs is a great platform for any fleet operation who is looking to digitize their poolfleet. 


A word from Maintenance Officer - VMS

Sven de Smet

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