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GoodMoovs' technologies

We like to think out of the box and utilize our vast experience and data in a way that is beneficial to our customers, partners and the environment.

Smart charging and bidirectional charging are just two examples of this constant quest for data-driven solutions.


Smart charging

E-car charging. Reimagined.

The charging process of an e-car up until now has been a very straightforward process. One plugs in the charging cable, taps the charging card to engage the charging session and that's about it. 

Wouldn't it be great to automatically adapt the charging process of a car depending on energy prices, grid loads and overall demand of energy? Saving unnecessary costs and helping the grid stablize.

GoodMoovs oversees the planning of all e-cars on the platform and has access to when an e-car is going to be used next. To make this happen, we have developed an integration together with our partners We Drive Solar and Enervalis that combines the data of reservations, energy market prices by the hour, grid loads and more.

Enabling smart charging immediately lowers charging prices. 

That's the GoodMoovs advantage.


Interested to see what smart charging can do for your carsharing endeavours?

The GoodMoovs advantage


  • Together with partners GoodMoovs installs state-of-the-art 22 kW V2G charging infrastructure. The go-to futureproof charging point for all use cases.

  • We use the latest carsharing modules of our partners Continental and Invers which makes for an extensive and above all reliable datastream. with the complete integration of Continental and Invers, GoodMoovs covers about 80% of the worldwide carsharing market with regards to hardware coverage. 

  • GoodMoovs is not bound to any OEM. We can incorporate almost any e-car to our platform making mixed fleets no problem whatsoever!


GoodMoovs currently supports the following carsharing hardware suppliers:


Software & data

  • The GoodMoovs platform forms a harmony between carsharing and energy management.

  • Our brand new app provides all the tools to reserve and control your e-car fleet (or other modality) - all right at your fingertips.

  • Our app and portal are as available in white-label format. Because we understand the importance of your brand!

  • We develop and actively implement Smart Charging to actively regulate the charging sequences of e-cars by relating data from energy markets and reservation data.

Vehicle to grid

Battery capacity. Reimagined.

Powering more than just wheels.

Our partner We Drive Solar has developed state-of-the-art 22kW charging infrastructure which is integrated into the GoodMoovs platform. These charging points enable fast charging and - most importantly - are vehicle-to-grid (V2G) ready.

V2G technology enables to also de-charge electricity from a car which can be used for other purposes (powering buildings, machines, street lights etc). With more regularly occurring blackouts and general overload of the grid, stationary home batteries have become in vogue. However we at GoodMoovs see a lot more merrit in exploiting the batteries that are already "on the street" - in the e-cars.

More than half of the world's battery production is destined for e-cars. Instead of producing more batteries, GoodMoovs would like to use them in a wider variety of circumstances.

Once an e-car is stationary, it can be charged with electricity on the most favourable moment due to our smart charging technology. This also means green energy can be stored in the e-car batteries when they're not used for mobility. Only GoodMoovs together with We Drive Solar can exploit V2G in such way as the planning of when an e-car is used next is essential for successful V2G implementation.

GoodMoovs and We Drive Solar have all the tools at hand to make V2G reality. Today.


wds-maastricht-laadplein1080_orig (1).jpg

Use cases of V2G

Alex 51 | Maastricht, NL

Shared office space Alex51 on the Alexander Battalaan in Maastricht exploits smart charging and V2G capability.

The facility of Alex51 is suitede with 80 solar panels on its roof which is not only used for powering the building, but the e-cars in front of the door as well.


GoodMoovs and We Drive Solar actively and automatically exploits as much solar power as possible, finding the perfect balance between power demand of the real estate as well as the e-cars. Excess energy is stored in the e-cars and can be extruded at any given moment, for example during evenings when power demand reaches a peak in the neighbourhood. This gives Alex51 the ability to fully exploit all the capabilities of its solar panels in a lucrative and sustainable manner.


The city of Utrecht | Utrecht, NL

The city of Utrecht is the main hub of GoodMoovs partner We Drive Solar. More than 170 shared e-cars are spread accross the city and linked to the station-based V2G charging stations.

We Drive Solar exploits local solar panels accross the city to charge its cars - and with V2G e-cars being rolled-out by OEMS over the course of 2022 that incorporates - also discharging. One can consider the We Drive Solar fleet as one giant battery which can be used to stabilize the grid and store green energy when possible. 

The city of Utrecht has the main goal to become the world's first bidirectional city, where e-cars play an active role in energy management and power supply.


Click here for the full client highlight.


Interested to see what vehcile to grid can do for your carsharing endeavours?

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