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Unplug & Go


Unplug & Go is an initiative of four cities in North Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Their goal is to improve sustainable mobility in the region. That is why 40 electric cars are available to entrepreneurs, employees and citizens on both sides of the border (German + Dutch). These cars can also be used by private individuals outside working hours.

By driving 100% electrically, participants halve their CO2 emissions per kilometer driven. This improves air quality, especially in the cities. In addition, several people use one and the same vehicle. Which obviously is more sustainable and efficient.


Active SHAREuregio e-cars on the GoodMoovs platform

The SHAREuregio fleet:


40x Renault Zoe ZE50

40x E-bike

GoodMoovs provides

SHAREuregio with:

  • White-label portal & App

  • 24/7 support to all SHAREuregio users from the GoodMoovs callcenter

  • Smart charging integration

  • On-site operational handling by GoodMoovs staff members on the the entire SHAREuregio fleet

  • Continuous support on business and hub development

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For business as well as personal use

SHAREuregio Unplug&Go is an initiative that transcends our national borders and promotes limitless sustainability. So even if you regularly cross the border between the Netherlands and Germany, it is the perfect solution.


The range of the vehicles (Renault Zoe ZE50) is more than 350 kilometers and loading on both sides of the border is free of charge with the card that is present in the vehicle. Make a conscious choice and join our community, like many others have already done.



1. 07:00:00 – 18:00:00

2. 18:00:01 – 21:00:00

3. 21:00:01 – 23:00:00

4. 23:00:01 – 06:59:59

Cost structure for participants

During weekdays:

2 credits p/h

1 credit p/h

0,50 credits p/h

0,25 credits p/h

During weekends:

1 credits p/h

1 credit p/h

0,50 credits p/h

0,25 credits p/h

The above indicated prices are subject to change and only function as an exemplary model. No rights can be retrieved from these indicated prices.

The costs for using the shared e-cars are being paid by time of reservation and kilometers driven. You pay € 0.18 per kilometer driven and credits per hour according to the table above. One credit costs €2.


Cross-border e-mobility

Limburg & North Rhine Westphalia

The border between the Netherlands and Germany is fading fast. We are increasingly meeting each other for business, shopping or entertainment.


This is a great development, but there is still much to be gained in the area of ​​sustainability. There, the border still too often slows down new developments. It is therefore our mission to market sustainable initiatives that transcend our national borders and promote limitless sustainability. Unplug & Go is one of those initiatives.

"Because SHAREuregio Unplug&Go offers entrepreneurs and consumers the opportunity to meet their mobility needs in an accessible and sustainable way. The interaction of those mobility needs can be seamlessly connected and organized through shared mobility. Through this project, entrepreneurs and consumers can experience the countless benefits of this progressive form of mobility."


A word by the GoodMoovs projectmanager of SHAREuregio

Gert-Jan Rongen

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